The National Organization of Test, Research, and Training Reactors (TRTR) represents research reactor facilities across the nation from government, major universities, national laboratories, and industry. TRTR's primary mission is education, fundamental and applied research, application of technology in areas of national concern, and improving U.S. technological competitive-ness around the world. TRTR membership includes managers and directors of research reactors, educators, administrators, regulators, and research scientists and engineers.

Begun as a small technical group in the 1960s, TRTR quickly grew into a national organization and adopted its current name in 1976. The organization regularly holds an annual conference, hosted by a member institution, to discuss current technical and regulatory issues, advances in research and education, operating experience, and development of new applications in medicine, materials, health and safety, information technology, and environ-mental sciences, among others. TRTR provides expert technical assistance to member institutions and others through peer reviews, audits, and assessments. It also publishes a quarterly newsletter, which provides the latest information in all areas of interest to the membership. The newsletter is widely distributed within and outside TRTR, in the U.S. and abroad.