2018 TRTR Annual Meeting

October 28 – November 1


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The Challenge

Each reactor in the United States is unique but they all operate under the same operational principles. With limited budgets and a growing need for sustainability, the need for collaboration for unique solutions to common problems is vital.

The Solution

The TRTR Annual Meeting provides a platform for reactors personnel from across the United States and abroad to come together and solve common challenges. Additionally, time is set aside annually for issues with the regulator and licensee interface.

Member Facilities


Representation at the Annual Meeting

Days of Collaboration

Common Goal

Interface with Corporate Partners

Meet Potential Vendors

Representation by a spectrum of nuclear vendors to address a variety of needs at your facility.

Demonstration of Equipment

Many sponsors bring demonstration equipment so you can better understand how it fits with your needs.

Sponsored Social Events

Premium sponsors help with social events so you have the ability to better interface with your colleagues.

Interested in Providing Sponsorship?


See Newport's Stunning Beauty

This is the most visited attraction in ALL of Rhode Island and for very good reason!

Fort Adams State Park

Join your TRTR colleagues as you visit a historic US Army post established in 1799!

A House To Remember

Bring a guest and enjoy the beautiful view and great company. We look forward to seeing you at these historic venues!

Wineries & Breweries

Check out some of the many options in the greater Newport area!

Member Facility Presentations

Staff from reactors across the country will gather to present work done at their facility over the course of the previous year as well as upcoming research.

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Discuss Regulatory Issues

Question and Answer sessions to openly discuss regulatory issues and concerns.

NRC Personnel Presentations

NRC Staff will present regulator views on facility operations and compliance.

Regulatory Horizons

Upcoming changes in regulations will be presented for consideration and feedback.